“Upon my joining Experience Grand Rapids, our board and I saw an opportunity to better align our staff and board roles. We also wanted to provide more definition for board member contribution and involvement.  Steve worked with our management team, our board Executive Committee and eventually the entire board in developing board policies, measures of performance and roles and responsibilities of staff and board members. This has helped us a great deal in having everyone on the same page as we focus on our mission and contribution to the community.”

Doug Small, President, Experience Grand Rapids


“When DA Blodgett for Children and St. John’s Home decided to join forces and merge into one agency serving children and families in 2010, we needed some assistance in determining the new management, board representation and structure, and how we were going to integrate the cultures in the new organization.  Steve worked with our board and management leadership on these topics and really helped us with a clear and smooth transition to our new entity.  We were very glad we did this- the people side often gets weak consideration when there is a joining of organizations.”

Sharon Loughridge, Executive Director, DA Blodgett-St. Johns


“When we were faced with replacing our VP of Business Services – a very key position for us, Crandall/Partners provided the ideal solution.  Because of the interim executive’s in-depth knowledge of our particular business and our industry, she was able to step in and very rapidly assess the situation and develop just the right action plan.  She was able to maintain the pace of decision making in the department, provide confident leadership that gave employees confidence, and facilitate an exceptional hiring process for the new Vice President that is perfect for us!  We couldn’t have asked for a smoother transition.”

Fred Keller, Chief Executive Officer, Cascade Engineering


“The partners in our firm are all busy and in very demanding jobs, but we needed to take the time to put our heads together and really concentrate on the strategies and initiatives that will be important for a successful future. We engaged Crandall/Partners to help us with this process, they took the time to really understand our business and current challenges, and then facilitated a long range planning workshop where we outlined our future aspirations and priorities. The result was a comprehensive roadmap with ownership by all, it really helped us put the future in focus.”

Robert L. Herr, Former Managing Executive, Crowe Chizek and Company


“Grand Valley has a variety of graduate programs in the University, and we were in need of finding ways of bringing the leadership together to forge a common vision with initiatives that would enhance the graduate system as a whole. Crandall/Partners was able to understand our needs and provide an excellent facilitation process that brought many diverse perspectives and roles together. We now have a clear path with several meaningful objectives that we can all work on together.”

Priscilla Kimboko, Ph.D., Dean of Graduate Studies and Grants Administration, Grand Valley State University


“Our organization is a growing entity with a unique culture that fuels our success. We have recognized that our managers must also be exceptional leaders to take us into the future. Crandall/Partners helped us identify the skills needed, and has provided exceptional training for our team- and they were able to do this while reinforcing our climate of entrepreneurship and focusing on the customer. This process has clearly given us a competitive advantage in the marketplace.”

Harry C. “Scrub” Calcutt III, Chairman and CEO, Northwestern Bank


“As our company has grown, we have seen a number of new challenges. In particular, I was looking for help in assessing our internal managerial talent, not only to determine our overall capacity but also to build better teamwork and collaboration. Crandall/Partners worked with the management team, identified individual strengths and growth opportunities, assessed the potential and interests of each team member, and gave us all individual feedback and then together as a group. This has helped us better match each individual’s skills with their role in the organization and has helped me to better determine an effective organizational structure.”

John Schroeter, President, Applied Textiles